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bye! - 20/12/03

Off home to Poole for Christmas now. Back in a week. Just realised this page started in Jan 03 and this is all I've done all year. I have no life!

is it Christmas? - 16/12/03

Had a good weekend. Had a sort of univeristy reunion with me old house mates. Was good fun seeing those lot again. It was like the 3 years inbetween leaving uni and now had not happened. No-one has really changed. Crazyness. Went to The Hobbit for the second time in my life. Had Sambuca. Nice. This really needs to be a regular thing. Preferably more regular than every three years. Old Bemo has some pics up but I don't seem to be any of them. No change there then!

ROCK! - 06/12/03

Saw The Darkness on Thursday! They rocked! Not quite enough scantily-clad ladies for my liking though. The photo above and the ones below were taken by Mark's brother Andrew.

Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4 | Pic 5 | Pic 6

no interesting titles today - 28/10/03

I just finished watching Buffy series 7 and now I feel strangely empty. Blah. Nothing is happening at the moment. I am, however, strangely intrigued by the proposal for university reunion. Intrigued and scared.

toasties - 06/10/03

Primal Scream playing the Guildhall in January! I must go! [edit] I am going!

fiddlesticks - 18/09/03

The dentist pulled my tooth out. At least I assume he was a dentist, he was wearing a white coat. There's probably loads of dentists that hang out round the back of Safeways. My face is all numb. Public Service Announcement: Go to the fucking dentist regularly, don't be a dick and wait for a year.

rhubarb - 18/08/03

Put "rate my" into Google for some interesting results. In particular I recommend ratemyvomit. It's pretty sick but hilarious.

donkey - 05/08/03

I am going to see The Darkness in December. This is a good thing! [Ed - The darkness suck!]

w00t! - 24/07/03

They actually do a Sweet and Sour King Pot Noodle now! I almost wept when I saw it in Asda.

boosh! - 09/07/03

Some pictures from Wales live here. And here. And here. And here.

hollyoaks - 22/06/03

Some choice subjects from my inbox:

Make Her Choke On Your Amp-le Size R#od
Choke Her With Your Brimming Sized }Knob
use your d i c k as a club

Spam mail is great.

moose - 12/06/03

The other day I finally got around to watching The Matrix Reloaded and was really disappointed by it. It was overlong, and full of pointless nattering and padding like the Zion disco scene and the tepid Neo Trinity sex scene. And (I never thought I'd ever say this) even the fight scenes were too long, with an over-reliance on wire-work. It just didn't work. When I watched The Matrix I was like "wow, that's the best film I've ever seen". But while watching Reloaded I was left wondering if I was watching the right film. The magic was all gone. I did stay till after the credits to watch the trailor for The Matrix Revolutions which looked mighty interesting. I really hope that they can bring it back.

In other news: I am officially the most shit Counterstrike player in the cosmos.

Random thought process: It's far too warm. I had a packet of Vanilla Monster Munch and they're fucking disgusting.

alcohol + loneliness = badness - 06/06/03

And now I stand here alone in the dark Without you
There's nothing more that I would like Than be with you
I close my eyes but I can't stop Thinking of you
And now I stand here alone in the dark Without you

No-one that I want to read these pages ever will. [edit] Except Keira, cos she's fab :)

i'll have a p please bob - 27/05/03

Had an interesting weekend. Went to Poole to see parents and meet up with Teri. Learnt that a few scary things have happened since I saw her last. Went to a gay bar again. Teri tried to set me up with some of them. *shudder* Still think she's lovely. Then went to see Mark and kicked his monkey ass at Tony 4... again! He never learns. Also watched Evil Dead on DVD. Which was nice.

And today I had a haircut.

And I still haven't seen The Matrix Reloaded. Which annoys me greatly.

jungle boogy - 04/05/03

Saw Laura today, which was nice. Would've been nice to see her for a bit longer, but you can't have everything. Yesterday I went to a wedding reception and danced to "Feeling hot, hot, hot". I am ashamed.

plop - 28/04/03


Hmmmm. Can't be bothered with webpage. Not till I have some sort of life.

arse - 11/04/03

My computer is being the crash bitch from hell. Is it too much to ask that things just work?

anne update - 07/04/03

Bleugh. Well. I had Mark and Andrew round at the weekend. There was drinking and watching of crap DVDs and then other people came and at one point there were 8 people in my room at once! It was crazy, I tells ya. Um... And my room ended up smelling of cigarette smoke. And then there was a bonfire and Gaz threw bangers (not of the sausage variety) onto it with loud results. And there were snacks. And an annoying lack of power leads meant that we could only either have the stereo or the PS2 on at any one time. Grr. And Mark brought his new AN200 round and astounded us with weird noises (and more weird noises later when he started snoring).

fucking about - 22/03/03

Fuck stupid online computer places that can't even deliver their stuff within a decent time frame. It was dispatched yesterday so I assumed it would be here today. So I got up at 7 so I wouldn't miss the delivery. It is now 2:15 and no sign. And I feel all weird cos of getting up so early. I hate them.

there's a worm at the bottom of my garden - 19/03/03

I expect so little from life and yet am frequently disappointed. How can this be?

my whole existence is flawed - 17/03/03

Bored. Been trying to grow face hair. Limited success. I'd like to take a couple of weeks to grow a proper one. Face hair is frowned upon at my work. I'm getting a new computer. With fast bits and stuff. This means I should be able to play recent games. Like, kewl.

Here is an artists impression of me with a beard.

blah - 02/03/03

Go and make a snowflake. Here's one I prepared earlier.

a collection of gnomes - 18/02/03

I got so bored I filled in a crappy quiz thing.

whatever - 16/02/03

weird self-portrait
Create your own strange self-portrait here.

In other news: Saw Teri yesterday, which was unfun. You ever get the feeling you're invisible? Yeah. Fuckit.
Also, it's cold in my house... I can barely type.

Go here.

and two veg - 13/02/03

Ok, this is pretty fucking weird.

It's valetines day tomorrow. Oh hooray. That's always fun for single people. How much are those mail-order Filipino brides again?

meat - 12/02/03

There are pictures of the Leicester meet here.

full frontal nudity - 02/02/03

So, Mr Mark came to visit me over the weekend and we drank vodka and watched videos and stuff (and he spent hours in vain scouring the net for pr0n). Today I went to see LoTR: The Two Towers with Mark. Which was nice. and then I watched The Tuxedo with Gareth and Tim. Which was also nice. This means I have been sat in the cinema for far too long today and my head feels all strange. I think I may be getting a cold. Dammit. Still, at least I have tomorrow off and a revision course for 3 days next week.

sprout - 26/01/03

Today I bought tools. I AM A MAN NOW!

nips - 25/01/03

Today I ate a Pot Curry Balti. And we burnt more stuff. I also bought a toaster.

Moon song

random crap - 24/01/03


plop - 14/01/03

Vote for Gaz!

sunday - 12/01/03

Eye test

eep! - 11/01/03

Note to self: Putting old ghetto-blasters on fires is a bad idea...

Yeah, OK, so it was sort of cool when it all melted and stuff. Then the capacitors and other assorted components started to explode and fly into the sky. That was kinda scary. I estimate that the incinerator reached 1000 degrees. In fact, it may have been hotter than the Sun. I think I may have toxic fume poisoning too.

crap - 05/01/03

I broke my trousers.

^_^ - 02/01/03

Gaz's omlette recipe

What you will need:

  • eggs (optional)
  • parmesan
  • milk
  • worchestershire sauce
  • spicy italian seasoning
  • mixed spices
  • flour
  • ketchup
  • salt
  • mustard
  • garlic bread seasoning
  • black pepper

Mix the eggs and spices and flour, etc in a big bowl until it's all mixed up. then stick it in a pan and cook it till it's stopped being runny. Then try and flip it in a stylish manner (extra points for flicking bits at onlookers). You can add some cheese or stuff at this point. Once you're sure it's cooked, garnish with ketchup and wolf it down... be sure to be within running distance of a toilet! One famous variation involved the mysterious egg-less omlette. To this day I cannot recall what is in it. I was very drunk. It tasted funny and had the consistency of dough.

. - 01/01/03

Happy new year!


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