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your... technique... is... magnificent - 30/12/02

Buy, or rent, Shogun Assassin. It's fab.

I had to turn the farting gnome off in the end... It was f**king annoying.

Turns out that I'll be on my own (or near enough) for New Years Eve. Meh.

over the rainbow lives the donkey king - 29/12/02

And lo, Christmas came and went. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. That's all there is to say really. There was some interesting going-out-ness with friends I went to Tenerife with. Really crap Christmas TV. Too much JD and Coke. Now speaking to Teri again, seems she thought I was pissed off with her and I thought that she was pissed off with me. *boggle* Now back to work... Oh well, it'll soon be Christmas again. Oh... New year is yet to come. I'm sure that will be fun.

Oooh, ooh, I got a comedy gnome that farts whenever anyone walks by it! Hahah! I've put it in the hall to piss everyone off. I also got a comedy hamster in a ball that runs around. It's better than a real one since it doesn't piss in the ball, and you can kick it without feeling guilty.

assorted fish - 01/12/02

I have a Buffy advent calender. Yes, look impressed.

My friend Mark came round to visit this weekend (comedy pic). we had an interesting Tony Hawks 2 drinking game. Every time someone got a letter in the "horse" game they had to have a little drinkie. This, coupled with our amusing choices of words for the game made for a fun packed evening. note: if you do not know what the "horse" game is then look here. Then we went to see Die Another Day which is okay on the whole but has some very bad CGI/model shots in.

scary - 26/11/02

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sleep? - 25/11/02

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i 4m b0r3d - 24/11/02

I am so bored that I think I have discovered some sort of super-boredom. It's like normal boredom but I feel compelled to do things like tidy the house and think about Christmas shopping. *eek* Christmas shopping... I need to do some... The woman who sits next to me at work has done all hers... Ra! Um. Yesterday I had a haircut and later I injured myself with an umbrella. There is cricket on the TV and I have not turned it over yet. "I'm turning into my father". look at the evilness of kids in school... It brings back so many (un)happy memories. Sometimes I wish I was creative and could draw or write or something of that ilk. I can't even write music anymore. Random stuff. Go on you know you want to.

Here endeth my rant.

. - 02/11/02

I want my Boards of Canada CDs back! You know who you are! *glare*

phear - 28/10/02

What lesser-known Simpsons character are you?

Brought to you by the good folks at

sigh - 27/10/02

Oh well, at least I've got tomorrow off work!

sunday - 13/10/02

I hate winter. It sucks.

# - 12/10/02

I want to be a pixie. I'd run around doing pixie things: scaring cats, climbing trees and the like. Nothing too bad, not ram-raiding or assaulting badgers... I'd leave that to the goblins... And then if anyone challenged me I'd simply point out to them that pixies don't exist and that they are probably mad. That'd shut them up. Then, while they are contemplating the rest of their life spent in a asylum, I'd steal their loose change and scarper. On second thoughts, I want to be a drop bear. They are the kewlest. d00d.


I saw Teri today for about 3 hours. Then she went home. :(

the cheese of doom - 01/10/02

No matter how much I like Pot Noodles I still can't eat a Bombay Bad Boy one. They're just too hot... the one I've just half-eaten has made me hiccup and I feel like I'm about to throw up. Nice.

In other news: It's October! (eek!)

nip - 07/09/02

I had a Tikka Masala Pot Curry today. It managed to be exactly unlike a Tikka Masala. This is assuming a soya Tikka Masala even exists. I don't think it does.

yarr! - 03/09/02

Hey, I've got photos from Tenerife. They're mostly blurry but that's fine. There's one of me looking dashing in my sunglasses. If I had a scanner I would scan them in. But I don't. Maybe I will hold them up to the webcam... Ok, there you go.

Nothing else has happened. Go away.

a humourous dancing cactus - 25/08/02

I went to see Reign of Fire. It had dragons in. Which is always good. Oooh, and we (me and Dave) went down the back of our garden (which is akin to some sort of cliff, but with trees) to explore. What we found will continue to baffle scientists for many years to come. Well, only if they are special scientists who are easily confused by brambles and small rivers. And there was a rope swing which I went on and hit a tree.

i am a tree - 23/08/02

Work sucks and I think I have a cold or something. Still, nice bank holiday weekend is here at last. Time to sleep methinks. Oooh, who put this JD and Coke in front of me? The fiend!

Later that very same night...

So, we've like ordered pizza and we hear the pizza man draw up on his little scooter and Gaz screams "Burn his eyes out!" because that's the sort of thing Gaz says when he's drunk. And then I have to answer the door and explain to the nice pizza man how no, we don't really want to burn his eyes out and yes, he is quite drunk! Arse!

plop - 18/08/02

Yeah, so I went to stay over at Teri's the other day to get A-level results and stuff (she did better than she thought she would but not as well as she would have liked). That was nice. We went out and had drinkies and I met some of her friends. Oooh, and at the results thing there were Tenerife photos. There was a particularly good one of me drinking Tequila (the look of disgust on my face is classic). And lots of pics of the Whale trip which consist of 99.99% sea and a small speck of black. "It's a whale". "Of course it is".

We've also been digging up the garden and tidying which is less interesting but slightly more normal.

you wot? - 12/08/02

I really should write stuff here. I mean, what's the point of this website (apart from an interesting exercise in solipsism) if I don't write stuff. Hmm, I'm going down to Bournemouth on Thursday to get Teri's A-Level results with her. That should be interesting - lots of girls running about either in delight or horror (sometimes it's so hard to tell). There may even be Tenerife photos... who knows?

On a lighter note, Ruan decided to hack the weeds and brambles in the garden using an ingenious saw/stick technique. If the wire to the webcam were long enough I would show you. It is not, you'll have to trust me when I say "It's fabulous!"

guess who's back (twiggy's back) - 04/08/02

And lo, did Twiggy return from the land of overpriced cocktails and sun. Appearing haggard and at least one shade browner he stumbled back into the harsh August mist of his home country. Immediately donning his coat, he was heard to exclaim "It's too cold!"

Yes, Tenerife was nice. Much lazing around the pool was had and I went to a zoo and saw monkeys and whales and other random aminals. And I spent the week with a very nice girl... which was nice. Alas, she is now 30 miles away. Some time in the future, pictures and tales of misadventure may appear here... Watch this space!

we am de best! - 14/07/02

Look, we cleaned the kitchen floor. To get rid of the mice. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you "normal" people who clean their houses like every week and stuff, but to us it's a big thing... OK? We also emptied the bin (of doom!) which was not nice.

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even more shite - 07/07/02
I am a cyberpet!


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