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"Normality is so overrated"

shhh! - 08/02/05

You ain't seen me - right?

batter - 14/09/04

My top 5 cheeses:

  • 1. Chedder. Lovely cheddar. Mature is the best. Mmmm.
  • 2. Some kind of blue. Danish blue or Stilton. Yeah, on crackers baby.
  • 3. Hmm... Edam?
  • 4. Cheese Strings.
  • 5. Cheese cake.


i don't know - 13/09/04


I'm listening to Goldie Lookin Chain. It's highly amusing. You knows it.

whoops - 07/09/04

Got new case for my computer today. Managed to install everything pretty easily. Then I somehow managed to snap two fins off the CPU cooling fan. Hmmm.

bins - 31/08/04

Some mad pikey went through our wheelie bin yesterday. She pulled all the black bags out and even opened one of them up. She sat there on the pavement and sorted through her "treasure" while me and Dale watched from the window. Think she ended up with a load of old tapes that Gareth threw out. Mental!

Going to Beaulieu with work on Saturday. That should be "fun". Tony Hadley is the entertainment :(.

wtf? - 18/08/04


Now, if that doesn't disturb you then surely you are made of iron! Getting Doom3 tommorow! Would have it today if my lame housemate had been up at 10:55 to open the door to the postman. Grr!

I want this!

Oh yeah, and That'll Teach Them was back on last night. What a bunch of whining prats kids today are. You'd think that after volunteering for the show and having (probably) seen the last series they'd have at least a tiny inkling of what was expected of them. Yet they continue to be annoying, but I guess that's the point. At least some of the girls are quite cute.

I sense I am becoming bitter and twisted.

eh? - 04/08/04

Nothing else to look forward to this year except Christmas, which sucks. I was going to write something long and angst-ridden but then I couldn't be bothered. Got the Adam and Joe DVD which is very entertaining.

and now, a picture of a mountain goat - 02/08/04


I wish I was a goat. Everyone loves goats. And donkeys.


And ocelots. Blimey, it's too hot!

wednesday - 28/07/04


breats! - 26/07/04

Pictures from the camping are here and here!

My crappy pictures are here. Man, I gotta get a proper camera.

Here are some pictures of me with a vague beard.

cough - 19/07/04

I cleaned under my bed! For like the first time ever! Behold - fuzzy, indistinct webcam shots of dust:

Before: 1 2 3 4 5

After: 1 2

You can actually see the colour difference! Wow, that carpet used to look quite nice. Now I must rest, for the tidying makes me weary.

bo! - 17/07/04

top tips

hi, my name is ken - 14/07/04

I've been listening to Manowar who are quite amusing in a serious-metal-singing-about-swords-and-stuff way. And I've also got this album today which I'm enjoying a lot. I like Arab Strap's Scottish mopings. And my foot continues to hurt in an unspecified way. I have Cheesestrings.

o - 13/07/04

I wonder if anyone actually follows the tips on the sachets of Super Noodle flavour. On the one for my Spaghetti Bolognese one it said I could add meatballs or pepperoni. The sort of person who eats Super Noodles is quite unlikely to have these. And if they did they'd probably eat them before the Super Noodles. The sachets should probably say "Why not eat something proper?". Like a Pot Noodle.

Where do they find people in Wife Swap that have seemingly never seen the show before. And are such twats.

It struck me that people at work could read this. Which is quite a scary prospect.

otters - 28/06/04

Saw G3 last night. Wibbly guitar nonsense! Quite impressive and very loud. Also bought Jam the other day. Forgotten just how odd and scary it is.

!!! - 12/06/04

Sign this petition to get Fist of Fun released on DVD!

hurg - 03/06/04

Going to see G3 at the end of this month. Which should be good. Just got Audition on DVD. Building up the courage to watch it.
Getting fed up with broken computer situation. This P3-550 can't run Painkiller :(
I think I'm developing a fixation with spoons.
Need a woman. Applications on a postcard please.

sun - 18/05/04

It's sunny and generally summer-like. Which is good cos there's ladies around with skimpy clothes! Yes I am that shallow. Reminds me of Tenerife... *sob*

I'm pretty bored in general. Someone save me!

Here are some scary pictures which illustrate why I should not be allowed in the company of women:

1 2

I am teh gormless. I am entirely bereft of gorm.

Holy shit. Three "updates" in one month.

hello! - 11/05/04


pie - 05/05/04

Some Googlisms for ya:
your mum

some cheese - 20/04/04

I went camping. Here are some pictures.

should make an update this month really - 18/03/04


wibble - 27/02/04

Got Vod?

Also: why do I always fall for women who are utterly beyond my reach?

pointless - 11/02/04

Blah blah. I'm an idiot. Blah blah.


snow - 28/01/04

Snow snow snow. Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow. We went in Safeway and there was no snow - just a sort of drizzle and then when we came out of Safeway about 15 minutes later there was an inch of snow. It were proper surreal, I tell thee.

bum - 23/01/04

I saw Primal Scream the other day. They rocked mightily. I've got an extremely cheap-looking Screamadelica tshirt.

wednesday - 14/01/04

The saga of the Primal Scream tickets is finally over! I have them in my sticky grasp!

I am eating a new "Seedy Sanchez" Mexican Fajita Flavour Pot Noodle. It's not that nice. Seems to taste like a cross between a Chicken Curry Pot Rice and a toned-down Bombay Bad Boy. However, it does come in an attractive yellow pot!

A big Shout Out to my number 1 fan Keira!

badgers - 11/01/04

Woo! Primal Scream tickets on their way!

:( - 08/01/04

In other news: D'oh!

hello! - 01/01/04

So, happy new year I guess. I want my Primal Scream tickets! Why are they taking so long? I'm scared.


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