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Here you can see some of the matches that Sprow Love Match has set up.

Jim and Flotsey
When we joined, we were miserable and single, but now we have found love!
Randolph and Francine
Now we are together we can enjoy our joint hobby of nude wine tasting
Jim-Bob and Trixie
Jim-Bob: I needs me spinich! Trixie: Yes, dear.
Mungo and Flo
Flo: I'm so happy now that I have someone to practice on! Mungo: MUNGO!
Danny and Ermintrude
We were both near suicide, but now we've found each other we can have kids, ooh! We like little children!
Adolf and Patsy
Adolf: She is such a cracking bird, and she is well versed in MULTIX kernel compilation.
Wayne and Jabba
We like cake! We like to make and eat cake! Cake... and chocolate. And crisps...
Tim and Nyarlathotep: King (or Queen) of the Underworld
Soon you shall all the see the power of our unholy union. Oh yes, you shall see!

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