We like sheep (1995)

SprOw's first album was a foray into the strange world of electro-punk-noise-core. The brutal mix of dustbins and goats led some to label the album as "challenging".
Highlights on the album include the 25 minute 2-part epic, The Ballad of Dave Gorman and the acid-tinged stylings of "Show me your Lemons".
- Nigel Parsnip
Track listing:

  1. The sound of cheese
  2. My badger is missing
  3. Be more specific, next time
  4. The ballad of Dave Gorman (part 1)
  5. Show me your lemons
  6. Daytime TV
  7. The ballad of Dave Gorman (part 2)
  8. What's Alvin Hall?
  9. Potato
  10. A change of underwear