Evil Magic (2000)

There is something very wrong about this band. I was sent a CD single a few years ago to play on my public access cable show, "But how deep does it have to go?". I was horrified, it just appeared to be some idiots hitting each other with spoons and giggling. After many years of absinthe abuse, I now understand. SprOw do it again with this latest album, they mix the juvenile pleasures with a strange fascination for tree trunks, I urge you all to buy this.
- Bob Carolgees
Track listing:

  1. Hungry Hungry Hippos
  2. Which day of the week is it?
  3. 99 Red baboons
  4. Fish Nipples (how about you?)
  5. So I hear you're a racist?
  6. Give granny a kiss
  7. Cheesy flimnunkle
  8. Toastrack
  9. Flat cola makes great moisturiser
  10. sofa ate my babies
  11. Name that turtle in 3
  12. VIP Da Schmee