The musings of a demented mind (1997)

Best described as a concept album, The musings of a demented mind is primarily ambient elephant-techno. The astonishing fact about the LP is that it was created using nothing more than a collection of spoons and a 4 track.
- B A Baracas
Track listing:

  1. We are SprOw
  2. The electronic cloud
  3. 1, 2, 9
  4. BSO-GAZ666
  5. Cathode Ray Tube
  6. Posh tiger
  7. My trousers are green
  8. Spoon jugglers of maroon cheese
  9. Rancid butterfly jam
  10. You are not SprOw (You smell)
  11. The donkey ate it, mother
  12. Pizza box flames, the only way to burn the bodies
  13. Leaving the house