Badger Toast (2002)

With their latest album, SprOw have really pushed out the boat. The double album explores the boundaries of the human hearing range. For health reasons it is not wise to listen to the whole album in one sitting. One man from Essex exploded over his wife after trying this.
- Spit the Dog
Track listing:

Disc 1:

  1. Welcome to the madhouse
  2. O
  3. I like to eat dirt
  4. A pleasant tune about flowers
  5. Anal Cunt are better at song titles than us
  6. The mental sound of windchimes
  7. Wigwam builders get paid too much
  8. Football is gay
  9. You said it was in the contract!
  10. What a hullabaloo
  11. A 12 Spoon salute
  12. Walmart would never sell this
  13. The bad man
  14. And now, a word from our sponsors
Disc 2:

  1. SprOw II
  2. A slow bucket of eggs
  3. We owe it all to sprow pizza
  4. A reference to donkey
  5. You burnt my porno mags, you stupid fuck
  6. Don't make me eat the snake
  7. If the police don't see, it's not illegal
  8. Mirkin
  9. The Kungfu Chronicles of SprOw
  10. March of the albino princes
  11. They took my crayons
  12. You people are all bastards
  13. Legs like soggy Twiglets!
  14. Moist
  15. Em Es En
  16. Bank holiday