We want your organs... And we'll pay!

You there? Yes, you! Need some money fast? Well, have you ever considered selling your organs. You think you really need two kidneys? Of course not! MediSprow can rid you of those troubling extra organs using our patented "Knock 'em out and slice 'em up" surgery technique. You need never be short of cash again!

Look what some of our previous customers have to say:

I used to be a penniless idiot, but then I came across MediSprow. Soon the cheques came rolling in. I can no longer live without life support but at least I have cash! Thanks MediSprow!
-- Mr I M Fictional

I was a struggling student with a meagre grant before I noticed MediSprow. After selling off my liver, a lung and my spleen I could afford that PS2 I wanted. Now I sit around all day on my arse! Thanks MediSprow!
-- Mr Wayne Kerr

So, make no delay. Sign up today!

We make-a da incisions!

MediSprow in no way endorses the selling of organs for money, we'd recommend organised crime.

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