These are the films i've seen at the cinema and remembered to keep the ticket.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[IMG]1994-10-01 Speed.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.4K 
[IMG]1994-10-08 Clear and Present Danger.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.2K 
[IMG]1994-12-04 Highlander 3.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.9K 
[IMG]1995-01-02 The Specialist.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.6K 
[IMG]1995-01-14 Time Cop.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.9K 
[IMG]1995-02-11 Stargate.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.4K 
[IMG]1995-02-21 Jungle Book.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.8K 
[IMG]1995-02-25 Natural Born Killers.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.1K 
[IMG]1995-04-08 Drop Zone.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.3K 
[IMG]1995-04-21 Dumb and Dumber.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.7K 
[IMG]1995-06-11 The Brady Bunch Movie.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.9K 
[IMG]1995-06-15 Demon Knight Tales From the Crypt.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.6K 
[IMG]1995-06-29 Muriel's Wedding.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 12K 
[IMG]1995-07-20 Batman Forever.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.0K 
[IMG]1995-07-25 Judge Dredd.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.3K 
[IMG]1995-07-27 Congo.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.9K 
[IMG]1995-08-14 Waterworld.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.4K 
[IMG]1995-09-23 Braveheart.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.4K 
[IMG]1995-10-20 Mortal Combat.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.7K 
[IMG]1995-10-22 The Net.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.7K 
[IMG]1995-11-01 To Die For.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.3K 
[IMG]1995-11-04 Jade.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.3K 
[IMG]1995-11-12 Nine Months.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.8K 
[IMG]1995-11-19 Crimson Tide.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.2K 
[IMG]1995-11-22 Under Siege 2.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.8K 
[IMG]1995-11-25 Tommy Boy.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.3K 
[IMG]1995-12-02 The Santa Clause.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.1K 
[IMG]1995-12-13 The American President.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.7K 
[IMG]1995-12-19 Babe.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.5K 
[IMG]1995-12-27 Ace Ventura 2.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.5K 
[IMG]1996-01-07 Seven.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.7K 
[IMG]1996-02-23 Casino.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.1K 
[IMG]1996-03-22 Toy Story.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.1K 
[IMG]1996-04-13 Broken Arrow.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.5K 
[IMG]1996-05-25 Money Train.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.2K 
[IMG]1996-06-07 Vampire in brooklyn.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.8K 
[IMG]1996-06-28 From dusk till dawn.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.2K 
[IMG]1996-07-12 Kingpin.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.8K 
[IMG]1996-08-17 Independence Day.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.0K 
[IMG]1996-08-30 Phenomenon.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.8K 
[IMG]1996-12-29 Daylight.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.1K 
[IMG]1997-03-24 Star Wars (Special Edition).jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.4K 
[IMG]1997-05-10 Liar Liar.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 10K 
[IMG]1997-06-01 Turbulence.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.4K 
[IMG]1997-06-07 Beavis and Butt-head Do America.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.1K 
[IMG]1997-07-05 The Quest.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 10K 
[IMG]1997-07-11 Murder at 1600.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.0K 
[IMG]1997-07-17 The Lost World- Jurassic Park 2.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.5K 
[IMG]1997-08-11 Bean - The Movie.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 20K 
[IMG]1997-08-16 Speed 2.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.7K 
[IMG]1997-08-29 The Full Monty.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 20K 
[IMG]1997-09-14 Air Force One.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]1997-09-19 Spawn.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 22K 
[IMG]1997-10-11 The Full Monty.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.9K 
[IMG]1997-11-25 G I Jane.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.9K 
[IMG]1998-02-07 Up 'n' Under.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.4K 
[IMG]1998-02-28 The Devil's Advocate.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.1K 
[IMG]1998-03-26 The Man in the Iron Mask.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.2K 
[IMG]1998-04-10 Sphere.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.4K 
[IMG]1998-04-18 Hard Rain.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.2K 
[IMG]1998-06-06 The Replacement Killers.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 8.7K 
[IMG]1998-07-05 Mimic.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 23K 
[IMG]1998-07-31 Godzilla.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 11K 
[IMG]1998-09-19 Lethal Weapon 4.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.8K 
[IMG]1998-10-04 There's something about mary.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 3.4K 
[IMG]1998-10-24 The Truman Show.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.1K 
[IMG]1998-10-31 Still Crazy.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 2.7K 
[IMG]1998-12-16 Blade.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 3.1K 
[IMG]1998-12-23 The Mask of Zorro.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 11K 
[IMG]1999-01-13 Star Trek - Insurrection.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.0K 
[IMG]1999-03-30 Payback.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 22K 
[IMG]1999-04-04 Plunkett & Macleane.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 6.6K 
[IMG]1999-05-12 ExistenZ.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.3K 
[IMG]1999-11-06 John Carpenters Vampires.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 16K 
[IMG]1999-11-20 The Sixth Sense.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 18K 
[IMG]2000-07-16 Mission Impossible 2.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 4.1K 
[IMG]2000-08-31 X-Men.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 12K 
[IMG]2000-11-10 Pitch Black.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 11K 
[IMG]2001-02-03 Unbreakable.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 16K 
[IMG]2001-02-09 Dude wheres my car.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 17K 
[IMG]2001-03-02 Dungeons and Dragons.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 14K 
[IMG]2001-04-14 One Night at McCool's.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 4.6K 
[IMG]2001-04-30 Exit Wounds.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.0K 
[IMG]2001-05-26 The Mummy Returns.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.3K 
[IMG]2001-08-13 Rush hour 2.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.1K 
[IMG]2001-08-19 Swordfish.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.4K 
[IMG]2001-11-17 Kiss of the dragon.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.1K 
[IMG]2001-12-09 Jay and silent bob strike back.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.4K 
[IMG]2001-12-26 51st state.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 3.2K 
[IMG]2002-01-19 Star Trek Nemesis.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2002-01-26 Black Hawk Down.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 4.4K 
[IMG]2002-02-18 Monsters, Inc..jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.2K 
[IMG]2002-03-24 Ali G Indahouse.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 4.4K 
[IMG]2002-04-01 Blade II.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 4.8K 
[IMG]2002-04-15 The Queen of the damned.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.2K 
[IMG]2002-04-20 The One.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 4.7K 
[IMG]2002-06-09 Star Wars Episode II.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 4.9K 
[IMG]2002-08-23 Austin powers in goldmember.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.0K 
[IMG]2002-08-25 Reign of fire.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.3K 
[IMG]2002-09-08 The Bourne Identity.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 5.5K 
[IMG]2002-09-21 Signs.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 10K 
[IMG]2002-10-03 Van Wilder.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 3.3K 
[IMG]2002-10-26 XXX.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 17K 
[IMG]2002-11-11 28 Days Later.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.7K 
[IMG]2002-11-30 Die Another Day.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 19K 
[IMG]2002-12-30 Lord of the rings - the 2 towers.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 7.0K 
[IMG]2003-01-24 I Spy.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 19K 
[IMG]2003-02-02 The Tuxedo.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 20K 
[IMG]2003-02-09 Jackass the movie.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-04-05 Catch me if you can.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 19K 
[IMG]2003-04-10 Crade 2 the Grave.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 20K 
[IMG]2003-04-13 Shanghai Knights.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 20K 
[IMG]2003-04-27 Bulletproof Monk.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-05-31 X-Men 2.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-06-10 The Matrix Reloaded.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-07-03 The Hulk.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-07-18 2 Fast 2 Furious.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-08-10 Terminator 3.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 22K 
[IMG]2003-08-21 Freddie Vs Jason.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 9.7K 
[IMG]2003-09-06 Blackball.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-09-16 Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 17K 
[IMG]2003-09-26 Underworld.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-10-18 Once Upon a Time in Mexico.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-11-11 The Matrix Revolutions.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2003-12-03 ELF.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 19K 
[IMG]2004-01-04 LOTR - Return of the King.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 21K 
[IMG]2004-01-05 S.W.A.T.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 19K 
[IMG]2004-01-31 Paycheck.jpg30-Aug-2006 12:45 22K 

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