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"We make-a da headshots!"

Clan SPRoW

a Counter-strike Clan (Clanbase here)
Clan Server Currently down until I fiddle with steam hlds

Email: clansprow(at)sprow.net
Active Members
  • I_Like_Sheep - Founder/Boss/toastrack
  • The_Hairy_Bungalow - He likes to press wild flowers
  • HeadCrabbed - He is an american, but we still like him none the less ;)
  • Buffy - the 'New Boy'
  • Hairy_Turnip
AWOL Members - lazy bastards
  • Muon_The_Barman - Joined Shadow Company
  • Hasnt_A_Clue - Ran out of money, had to move back in with his dad and has no connection... yet!

More to come soon, when I get round to it...

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